steam_bierSteam BIER
Refurbished steam BIER with necessary instrumentation upgrades.

  • Reuse of the customer PC based touchscreen computer and controls
  • Reuse of the original vessel and door
  • New cabinet, solenoid valves, piping and wiring



gas_bierEO BIER
Refurbished EO BIER with capability to run Blend or 100% EO sterilants.

  • New PLC based controls and 40 character printer
  • Reuse of the original vessel and door
  • New cabinet, solenoid valves, piping and wiring



steam_bier_chamber PLC based controls

  • New panel including Allen-Bradley PLC, relays, fusing and terminals.


028New Vacuum Pumping System on a refurbished EO BIER

  • Busch pump for vessel evaluation and 100% EO Canister puncture and vent mechanism


025x Process Piping on a refurbished EO BIER

  • All solenoids and check valves rebuilt
  • Completely repiped
  • Completely rewired