For over 15 years, Loucks & Associates has specialized in Biological Indicator Evaluator Resistometer (B.I.E.R.) Systems, providing a range of technical services from maintenance and calibration, to complete refurbishing/restoration. Let us put our vast knowledge of B.I.E.R. Systems to work for you.

B.I.E.R. Systems standards have evolved over the last 20 years.  Loucks & Associates is confident that your existing B.I.E.R. Systems with proper maintenance and system enhancements will continue to serve for years to come and meet the current ANSI/AAMI/ISO 18472:2006 standards.

Contact Loucks & Associates and let our professional team work with you to analyze your equipment options. Whether your needs are routine maintenance, controls upgrades to address obsolescence, or a desire to completely refurbish your system so that it continues to function for the next decade, we can assist.

Customers Served:

  • Getinge Group
  • Sterilator Company
  • SPSMedical
  • Ethox STS Life Sciences
  • HIGHPOWER Validation Testing & Lab Services